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Winners from the past contests

Date: December 17, 1999

Topic: School


Winner: Indiana(tm)

Developed intellect. Paper laminated on mantle,"ACHIEVEMENT".

Runners up:
Dropout isn't proud. Languishing... often mopping Arbys. Ann Slanders SK
Diploma Increases "Perks"! (Large Office, My Ass!) ~NoPanties~
Do insist, parents: "Learning's our mandatory achievement" IrishMst*CR*
Did I participate? Lost old memories... Acid? W~Delilah~C

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Date: November 24, 199

Topic: The police caught me..


Winner: ToonNatasha

Acro: Ticketed in Chapaquidik. Kennedy evaded "time". Excellent defense

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Date: October 31 , 1999

Topic: Their coming to take me away!


Winner: Judiama

Acro: Controlling everyone's really tough. I'm fractured into "Anne", "Beth", "Linda", "Eunice."

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Date: September 27, 1999

Topic: The horrors of dieting


Winner: Charysma

Acro: Weeks after I've started, there's little improvement noticed. Exasperating!

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Date: September 27, 1999

Topic: Remind me again: What are the dangers of ......


Winner: RR~Squiggy

Acro: Hidden in truck's cab hovers heinous icepick killer. I'm now goner!

Date: September 21, 1999

Topic: Why is it that you never acro as well in tournaments as you do when you play normally?


Winner: Agamelover

Acro: The others usually recycle, negating all my exceptional natural talent.

Date: September 13, 1999

Topic: (n/a)


Winner: MrMoon

Acro: Infected, Need Vaccination. In Tijuana, Avoid "Trade" Individuals... Outcome's Nasty!!

Acro2: Impending Nuptials... Vows Inescapable! Trojan(tm) Accidentally Torn, Impregnated Ovulating Neighbour!!

Date: September 6, 1999

Topic: (n/a)

Letters: FUNTIME

Winner: MrMoon

Acro: French underwear nestles tightly in my "exit"!

Date: September 2, 1999

Topic: (n/a)

Letters: FRIENDS

Winner: Chunks

Acro: (my appologies, but the message board deleted this acro and I do not have a copy of it)