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Make your BEST acro...

using the TOPIC: "School"
Following the WORD: "DIPLOMA"
as submitted our last winner ToonNatasha)

** Two Acro's allowed per entrant!**

  1. Did I participate? Lost old memories... Acid?
  2. Dancing in Prom: Landed on my ass!
  3. Disected insects, physics lab obviously. Made "A"!
  4. Ditched incesstantly. Partied lots! Often missed algebra.
  5. Do insist, parents: "Learning's our mandatory achievement"
  6. Degree is presented, leaving only Masters attainable.
  7. Diplomas infer presumed learning of meaningful academics.
  8. Didn't Inhale Pot, Looking Over My A's!
  9. Dreaming I'm perfectly learning.. Oh!! Many "A"s!!
  10. "D" isn't permitted... love outstanding memory... "A"
  11. Dad inked pigtails. Little ornery, moronic adolescent!
  12. Did I play? lost only my A's
  13. Dropout isn't proud. Languishing... often mopping Arbys.
  14. Dunce's intelligence pitifully lacking. Obviously mediocre academically.
  15. Developing Intellects, Professors Love Often Molding Adolescents!
  16. Deepthroated I rate Principle... Load Overflowed Mouth Again!
  17. Discovering ideas, lessons offer mastery, answers.
  18. Detention in Physics Lab...old Mathmetician's angry!
  19. Dull, irritating Professor loves offending me... A- !!!
  20. Directed Into Principal's Little Office, Mom's Angry.
  21. Diploma Isn't Provided Less Obtaining Mostly A's.
  22. Dententions incarcerate pupils... legislative Officer manipulates Academics?
  23. Did I perform logically? Only minimally, alas.
  24. Doubtfully, I purchased Lisa's "one mistake" answers.
  25. "Dorks, ideas, procrastination, laughter?". Origin's memories arising.
  26. Degree is purchased.Looked online, made arrangements!
  27. DECA initiates professional liasons, originating many approvals.
  28. Doctorate in Programming leaves original "Masters" annoyed.
  29. Dedicated individuals.. participating legions,, often Masters achieved!
  30. Detention? Idiot principal labelled office "My attic".
  31. Diploma's in pocket... life's over.. menial ambitions.
  32. Deepthroating Institution, Professor's Lubrication Offered: My Academic's!
  33. Drinking In Parking Lot.... Oops! Missed Arithmetic!
  34. Declared: I Provided Lots Of Mental Activity!
  35. Dropout imminent... party lover only, marks atrocious!
  36. Did I Pass Lab? Oh My... A!
  37. Doctorate... I'm "pedigreed"! Labored, obtained MFA annotation!
  38. Didnt I Pass? Lamed out my academics?
  39. Didnt I Pay? Librarians on my ass.
  40. Dang! I passed! Luckily on "my" answers!
  41. Denied Incident! Principal, Lawyers? OMG... Mom's Angry!
  42. Detention indefinitely? Punishment's legitimate over my actions!
  43. Dissecting individual! Principal loves obliterating minute atoms!
  44. "Dipped": inky pigtails! Love our Mama's anecdotes!
  45. Developed intellect. Paper laminated on mantle,"ACHIEVEMENT".
  46. Daily implementation perpetuates lessons. Occupation mandates Arithmatics.
  47. "D" in Phonics? Literacy often missed academically.
  48. Diploma, internet produced! Learning on-line, modern academia.
  49. Dropoutís inspired. Pursues learning online: matriculating anarchic
  50. Dialed-up Internet. Professorís lecture online; MBAís attainable.
  51. Did I pass? Lamed out! Murderous Algebra!
  52. "D-" is passing! Lectures' often mind altering!
  53. Drowning in paperwork learing only major acedemics
  54. Deceived important people! Learned on my Apple(tm)!
  55. Dedicated, I pursued learning. Ogle my achievements.
  56. Deepthroating Interlude: Principal! Look! Oh, my... A's?
  57. Diploma Increases "Perks"! (Large Office, My Ass!)
  58. "DUNCE": I'm properly labelled; only mom's aggravated.
  59. Did I pass linguistics? Owe, most ashoredly!!
  60. Doctoring injured parrots licensed ornithologist medicates aviary.
  61. Degree in psychiatry. Lithium ordered... manic attack!
  62. Ditched instantly, Principals lame, Often missed arithmatic!
  63. Ditched into principal's lame office, mainly arrested!
  64. Daughter is presently learning, opted Medical, A's
  65. Definitely insist proper learning; Officially monitor Achievements!
  66. Doing innumerable papers! Lately only making... A's!
  67. Dormatory is putrid! Large outhouse! Mainly awful!