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Make your BEST acro...

using the WORD: "The police caught me..."
Following the TOPIC: "TICKETED"
as submitted our last winner Judiama)

** Two Acro's allowed per entrant!**

  1. Takes incredible cahunas. Killings entered thousands. Extremely demented!
  2. Took innocent children. Kidnapped expecting to elicit dinero
  3. Told ignotant cop kid expected, tried eventually, DEATH!
  4. Too Intoxicated. Caught Killing Everybody. That's Effective Drunkness!
  5. Totally irritated cop... Kept extending tongue.. Exceptionally dumb!!
  6. Tongue is cuffed, Kentucky Enforcer thought eroticism Dumb!!
  7. Trafficking in cocaine. Keeping everyone totalled... Especially Detectives!
  8. Travelling incognito! Cops keep exposing these excellent disguises!
  9. Trapped in cop's kickback enterprise to extort dollars!
  10. Ten innocent children kidnapped, electricuted the evil doer
  11. The infernal cops kayoed every tawdry excuse, dammit!
  12. Tipsy in car...Killed eleven! Took endangerer downtown!
  13. Those insensitive cops kept eating those enticing donuts!
  14. Tipsy, in container Kahlua, expect to enter detox
  15. Taken into custody,Klink, Entered the eerie dungeon
  16. Toyota Is Chased.. Kids Extremely Terrified, Expecting Detention!
  17. Terrified! Insane cop killer executes town's erratic drivers.
  18. Tiptoeing in cop's kitchen eating the evidence....DONUTS!
  19. Tried inviting Cop: "Kinky excitement, tonight?" Evidently, denied!!
  20. Talented incarcerated crook, kleptomaniac evidently took every dollar!
  21. ...toking in car. Kept exposing toosh! Exceptional display!
  22. Toyota is crashed, kinda entered that exit deranged.
  23. That insensitive cop kept extracting tickets, employment desired.
  24. Thoughtlessly ingesting cocaine. Klinks expected. Terrified! Enforced destination!
  25. Tailgating! I crashed, kids everywhere! They escaped death.
  26. Thug incarcerated. Cuff's key expediently tossed. Eternal discipline!
  27. Ticketed in car kissing erotic teenager enjoying dampness!
  28. They're insane! Cops: Keystones, energetically tease! Enticingly detain!
  29. Thorough Interrogation: Cop Kept Expecting The Exact Details
  30. Totally inebriated... cocaine's kinetic euphoria! Therapist established: detoxification!
  31. Totally incoherent. Cruising killed exhausted tourist. Expect D.W.I.
  32. Traffic Infraction! Cop Kept Executing Tickets! Expensive Drive!
  33. Turned illegally... caught! Kinda expected this, exasperating day.
  34. Trash incorrectly chucked. Knowledgeable conservationist tattled. Expensive "ditching."
  35. "...tinkling in church, kindly escorted to eternal damnation"
  36. Tanked in cottonfield "Karaokeing"! Embarrassed... Trooper eventually dismissed!
  37. Topless in car, KISSING! (EMBARRASSED) Trooper eventually dismissed!
  38. Totally irrational, constipated kleptomaniac entered the Ex-lax department.
  39. "Terminally inebriated," cop knowingly expounded... "ticket entirely deserved!"
  40. "TANKED?"... I cried! Kept eagerly talking... emphatically denying!
  41. Totally Intoxicated, Can Kneel? Enticeing... Tickets Erased, Detective
  42. Trooper is confiscating keys! Efforts to excuse DENIED!
  43. Terrified Inmate! Cellmate kinky, Eeeeek! tried entering "Derriere"!
  44. Thief interogated. Charismatic Kleptomaniac eludes trap; eventually detained.
  45. Totally inebriated, crashed Kia. Eyewitness testified, extremely drunk
  46. Ticketed in Chapaquidik. Kennedy evaded "time". Excellent defense
  47. Tears irritated cop. Even kids tried eye draining!
  48. That is cannabis kid!" exclaimed the exasperated Deputy.
  49. Too inebriated. Coors kept:-( Eventually "tanked". Efficiently doomed.
  50. Toking in Chevy: "Kinda Erratic Today, Eh Driver?"
  51. Totally incapacitated, crashed Kia. Emergency? Trooper's eating doughnuts!
  52. Those insane cop's kicks exhumed today's eaten donuts!
  53. Truly intoxicated! Cop knew everything! Ticket elaborately detailed!
  54. Trying illicit crudities. Kissing everybody's testicles enthusiastically... depraved!
  55. Traded in cannabis... Kept extracting tickets... Eventually detention!
  56. Tickling idiot... "Cop"ulated, Kinky excercises terminated expensive damages
  57. Today in court kicking excitedly. Evidence tainted, exoneration demanded!
  58. Totally innocent! Cop's "King!" Even tickets excellent drivers!
  59. "Tragic Incredible Crash" Kids escaped tragedy even "death"
  60. Terribly intoxicated... couldn't keep extra ticket.. extradited drinker.
  61. Terribly injured (crushed knees) eighteen teenagers. Eight died.
  62. Traffic is certainly keeping everyone tailgating, even detectives!
  63. Timely interception correctly kept eager transgressor efficiently detained.
  64. Thief is caught, klepto emptied till. Evidence: dollars!
  65. Tried incurring cops' kindness... "Exception today, exciting deputy?"
  66. Thought I could kill "Ex"... Tried electrocuting devil!
  67. The idiotic Cop kicked Ed's tire... Ed's dangerous!
  68. Too intoxicated. Crashed Kia exiting tollway, eating doughnut
  69. Totally innocent! Couldn't kill! Evidently they're expecting dollars...
  70. Taking in chocolate! Kept eating their eclairs... donuts!
  71. Took illegal cash kickbacks...evidentally, trunk's exposing dollars!
  72. Tried inserting chaquita, killed exhaust.. tailpipes extra dirty!!
  73. Tonight, incarcerated. Chugged Kahlua ecstatically. Ticket's endeavor? DUI!
  74. Traveling Interstate, caught kamikaze excelling, ticket's expedited... Detained!
  75. Though in cuffs, keenly escaped troopers eating doughnuts.
  76. Thwarting investigation, cute kidnapper excited the errant detective.