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Make your BEST acro...

Following the TOPIC: "They're coming to take me away!"
as submitted our last winner Charysma)

** Two Acro's allowed per entrant!**

  1. Constantly escaping reality! Totally insane! Friends insisiting... "Asylums best, Lots enjoy"!
  2. Cranium escapes reality. Thinking I'm flying in a balloon. "Looney" escapes!
  3. Columbine, evil revisited: Trenchcoated individuals forever immortalized as barbaric Littleton Executioners!
  4. Constantly exhibited rebellious tendencies, institutionalized for incredibly anti-social behaviour... labelled excessive!
  5. Counsellor eventually realized that I'm freaking insane and booked lobotomy, electro-shock!
  6. Crying endlessly, require therapy. I feel isolated and blue, lost emotionally.
  7. Couldn't escape reality, tried insanity! Faked it! Actually became "looney" eventually!
  8. Chronically escaping reality, totally insane! Found insanity awesome! "Banana's"! Lost everything!
  9. CRAZY! Eventually required treatment. I'm finally in a "bin": loony establishment!
  10. Crazed entity requires treatment. I frequently invent a "buddy." Lithium eschewed.
  11. Cuckoo evades required therapy. If found, inform ambulancemen. Bold lunatic's escaped!
  12. "Cuckoos" everywhere. Ratched thwarted individuals' freedom, insisting, "Assertiveness? Better lobotomize everyone!"
  13. "Crazy Essentric", Really Truely Insane, Friends Intend Apprehension Because Lost Emotions!
  14. Certainly eccentric... raving! Totally Insane! Frenzied! I am bonkers! Lunatic evidently!
  15. Considering each Rorschach test is failed, I'm admitted. Behaviour's like "Eve".
  16. Chaos equals reality, totally insane for I'm a bonafide lunatic everday.
  17. Caught extremely rare Tourettes indecently foul-mouthed. I'm always babbling lewd expressions.
  18. Cuffed Escapee, Running terrified! I'm Free! I'm afraid Bondsman Looking Everywhere!
  19. Closed entrances, reinforced the insanity finding; insistent ambulance broke locks, entered.
  20. Controlling everyone's really tough. I'm fractured into "Anne", "Beth", "Linda", "Eunice."
  21. Crazy?? Egads..Raising Teenagers.. I'm Forever Institutionalized And Body Loves Environment!!
  22. Constantly expecting realism to interfere, frantically ingesting another bottle, Lithium eaten.
  23. Criminal evaded responsibility, testimony implored, "Find insane!". Another brutal loser excused.
  24. Counselor explains reason Tyson is feared. It's about boxer loving ears.
  25. Certainly enraged! Reality's thoughts instantaneously flee. Incredibly and beautifully lobotomies ease.
  26. Cranium's enlarged! Real talker's inside. Florence, Irene, and Belle! Life's entertaining!!
  27. Cerebrum's erratic rythem's totally insane! Finally institutionalized and "bouncing" like ever!
  28. Cracked! Erratic! Remedy? The insane facility! I'm admitted, bound... limbs entangled!
  29. Cell escapee reached Tahiti! Incarceration folly: insanity! Angry Bubba's looking everywhere!
  30. Cyclones, Earthquakes rumbling, tornadoes instantly flattening: Insane Asylem beds look excellent!
  31. Certificate explanation: "Retardation tramendiously increasing..." Finally, I'm Asylume "bodyguard", life ended!
  32. Craziness expanding, relatives totally in fear. I'm announcing: "Bought lotsa explosives"
  33. Craziness echoes 'round the insides, for I am blatantly looney egghead.
  34. Cranium examined: results: true introvert.. innumerable fantasies involving abhorant behavior: Librium endorsed!
  35. Crazy enough, required treatment, institutionialized for insanity almost, but luckily escaped!
  36. Can't even run, they interrogated family, I'm afraid, Bars immediately enclose!
  37. Crazy! Exhibiting real terror! It's flashbacks! Ingested acid before Leary's experiments!
  38. Crazy emergency room technician's instutionalized! Finds Insane Asylum "Beautiful"... Lobotomy's expected!
  39. Children eaten. Rectal telecommunications installed. Flew in a bike. Lovely, E.T.
  40. Crazy examination rated terrible! Insane!, for I answered babbling ludicrous euphamisims
  41. Colors everywhere. Really, this isn't insanity. A bong's like... enjoyable. (doesn't match letters)
  42. Crazy? Every Ritolin tablet is finished in asylum... begin lobotomy experiments!
  43. "Carrie's" expecting removal! Teenagers incensed, found in aftershock, Blood leaking everywhere
  44. Crazy? Eccentric? Rightly terrified, intelligent forensic interns always believe loonies exist!
  45. Creative escapee runs through Florida. Intense adventure becomes lethal, eternal.
  46. Circumstantial evidence revealed that I'm found insane and being locked elsewhere.
  47. Crazy Exciting Ride Tonite! Inflatable Fish Invite A Broken Lamp! Excuse^Me?
  48. Certainly experiencing realistic, traumatic images. Frequently in asylum being legally electrified!
  49. Corpses eaten ravenously! Think I'm frightening? I am! Better leave! EVIL!
  50. Cuffed Erection... Riding That Fuckin' Idiot Around... Bouncing...Licking...Enjoying!
  51. Certainly Enjoying Ride To Institution!... *Flying Inside Ambulance!* ... "Butterflies" LOVE EMTs!!
  52. Cranial Emergency! Reality's Twisted... Inside Fashionable Insane Asylum... Babbling: "Let's Escape!"
  53. Corpses! Emotional ravaged! Traumatized! I found infidels adultering- boinking- last evening!
  54. Easily Ruined Thinking. I'm Fearing Insane Asylums Because Looneys Everywhere!
  55. Constantly entertaining ridiculous thoughts, I fear I'm a bonafide lunatic essentially!
  56. "CRAZY" Erotic,Raunchy Tendencies! I've Finally Inquired at "Brains Lost Estates!"
  57. Crazy? Escaping "reality"? This is fiction. I am beyond "lunacy" entirely.
  58. Craziness erupted regularly. Terrified, intimidated family invited ambulance. Bellevue's likely end.
  59. Certain eccentricities resemble total insanity: Fellow is always barking. Lunacy example?
  60. Committed! Examination rendered the insane fellow incurable after botched lobotomy encounter!
  61. Colors everywhere. Really, this isn't freakiness.. its a bad LSD experience.
  62. Crazed emotions.. really troubling. I feel I am becoming loonier everyday!
  63. CRAZY? Exemplified really terrifying insanity! Forced incarceration abounded, again becoming lucid... Explaining!
  64. Certifiable example requires tethering. Inmates found inordinately acrophobic. Bars lessen escapes.
  65. Crap, E.T.'s really terrible, I forgot, it's all a big lie. Eaahhhh!
  66. Contest entry received, tantalizing indeed -- Fudge !! I'm always big loser -- Exhausted !
  67. Cerebellum engaged riotous tantrums! Insisting friend is awful Batwoman! Lobotomy's expected!
  68. Crazy, Excitable Retard's Totally Into Fellatio...Ingests Any Big Lonely Erections!
  69. Can't Escape Reality Today...In Fact, I Always Bring Lithium Everywhere!
  70. Crazy? Everyone Really Thinks I'm Freaking! I've Always Been Looney Everyone!
  71. Could Everybody Return Today I Found Indecent Aliens but Left ET
  72. casper entertains running through invisable forest,its a booing loud experince.
  73. call emergency response team! i fell in a bathtub lysoling enzymes!!!
  74. Canibals eating Randy Travis in forrest??? its a bit lame everyone!!
  75. Chatbox entries reveal that insane folks invade Acrophobia, beware luntatic element!
  76. Certainly entertaining 'round the intermittently friendly, intermittently angry babble left echoing.
  77. Compulsively entertaining relatives! THEY'RE insane! Family is always being loudly exasperating!
  78. Caught eating raspberry tangerine icecream, farting in a big loud eruption!
  79. Can't exert resistance... they insisted "frock" intended arms be locked... ESCAPELESS!
  80. Couldn't escape... REALLY! The idiots forced irreversible, agonizing bolts.... Lightning electroshocks!
  81. Chicken ego. Repeatedly tried, I forced id and began laying egg.
  82. Can't erase really terrified individuals! Finally I'm able! Believing large extraterrestrial!
  83. Eccentric rambling that is from insanity, and babbling lamentations extensively.
  84. Can't explain really, too insane! Found inside airport bearing large eclipse!