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This weeks Entries for the word "WAISTLINE" using the topic "The horrors of dieting" as submitted by last weeks winner RR~Squiggy

  1. Wasting away!! I'm starving terribly... Loves inhibited, no energy!
  2. Waddling again. I'm surely tossing lunch. I'm needing exercise!
  3. Worshipping anorexia...I'm secretly tossing lunch (it's never easy)
  4. Withholding all indecent sweets tough! Losing inches never easy.
  5. Weak and in serious trauma, 'laxative illness' nurtures Exlax(tm).
  6. Whining always, "I'm starved!". Tried loosing... It's not effective!
  7. Weak again. I'm so tired. Losing inches, never easy.
  8. Watching an individual starve theirself. Lifestyle involves not eating.
  9. Weight's astronomical. I'm so tubby. Lettuce is NOT edible!
  10. Whiny and inconsolable: Saltine tastes like it's not edible.
  11. Why am I starving? Tommy Lasorda is now enormous!
  12. When all I sample tastes like it's not edible...
  13. Waists always is soft. Tried "Lite". It's never enough.
  14. What?! All I savored tonight leapt into numerous expanses!
  15. Weight always increases some time later; illusion: NutriSystem's effectiveness.
  16. Water always ingested, surely trimming leanly, insane, need energy!
  17. Women always into slimness.Treadmill, lousy invention! NEED eclairs!
  18. Well, Anorexia is slimming! Throat: Likely inserting nearly everything!
  19. Wasted away ingesting "Slimfast." Terrifically lost inches, now energetic.
  20. Why aint i slim? The lard is never ending
  21. Wanting another! I'm sure that lasagne is not enough!
  22. Wishing aerobics instantly slenderize tush, losing inches, never enough!
  23. Widening asymmetrically? Incremental spread's terribly lopsided? Impulsive noshing exacerbates.
  24. Waiting always irritates. "Sweet tooth" lacking ingredients. Nibbling eclair!
  25. Watching as inches start trimming... Lately I'm never eating
  26. Waist almost is slimmed, then loving incredible nachos evenings.
  27. We aren't into spandex. The Lycra(tm) is not enthusiastic.
  28. Watch As I Starve! Tried Lovemaking Instead... Now Expecting!
  29. Wasting Away..I'm SSSOOO Tired..Losing Is Not Enjoyable!
  30. What an indignity! Starlet's told: "Lose it now! Exercise!!!"
  31. Woman asks, Is stomach too large?(it's Nearing ENORMOUS!!)
  32. Whining about inaccurate scales, "They lie. Now I'm Eating!!!"
  33. Went abysmally in at supermarket. The lettuce is not edible!
  34. Weirdest, always insist stapling tummy, lose inches next evening!
  35. Wimpy aerobics instructor Simmons tells ladies, It's nice excercising!
  36. Why am i starving? Tang lunch is never enough
  37. Women are infinitely seeking thinness! Liposuction is necessary expense!
  38. what? am I supposed to like increasing nightly exercise?
  39. "Whew! Arobics! Ingesting Slimfast! Thighs looked incredible! Next? Exlax!"
  40. While activating insane Stairmaster, tubby legs instantly needed energized!"
  41. Want an interesting silhouette? Try learning isometrics, not eating!
  42. Watching annoying infomercial: Simmons! That "loser" is nutty, effeminate!
  43. "Weight-Watchers" already ingesting supper. Tiny lunch is not enough!
  44. Whining again! Im so tempted! Love icecream, Need eclairs!
  45. Why always is staying thin....LIKE...incredibly never easy!
  46. Why am I still trying? Loosing is not easy!
  47. Whetting appetite,"insatiable", instead tomato, lettuce! Not enticing!
  48. Waif anorexic is starving to lose inches, never eats!
  49. Wiggled ass into swimsuit. True lardbutt. I need exercise.
  50. What! Another itty-bitty salad? That lasagna is nicer, eh?
  51. Wonderful and interesting salads top list in new eating.
  52. Want assistance in slimming those lardy inches now? Exercise!
  53. Whales are inspirational... Slashing their lard is never ending!
  54. Wifes' appetite is shrinking! "Liar"! It's never ending!
  55. Waisting away is stupid. That lean is never enjoyable.
  56. Weighed... apparently I'm seventy. Thinking, "Lost it not eating."
  57. "Weight's always important," said trim lady, "I never eat."
  58. Wife's Anorexic! Inappropriate Sized Titties! Looking Invisible, need enlarging!
  59. Wasting Away, I'm Starting To Look Invisable! Nutrition Everthing!
  60. Waist Ain't Invisible! Stomach's Tremendous... Like It's Nearing Elephantiasis!
  61. Woman's "Anorexic"... Ingested Sandwich Tasted Lovely! It's Now "Ejected"!
  62. What!? Another inch!? Somehow, thigh's larger... I'm NOT EATING!
  63. Wasting away... I'm seeming to lose inches... nearing end....
  64. Wanting Always! Insatiable Satisfying Tongue Left Intense Nibbling Edification!
  65. Why am i slim? the lard's indeed nutricious, Excellent!
  66. Women are injested, so terrible, lovely indeed, never ending!!
  67. Why After suffering Terribly, Leg Inches Enlarged.
  68. Woman's Anorexic, Insatiably Spewing Todays Lunch, Intestines Need Excreting
  69. Wide Ass Idiot Stuffs Tacos, Licorice, It's Nasty! EWWWWWWWWW
  70. Wasting Away, Instantly Started Tasting Lentils. I Never Exercise!
  71. Was Arousing! Initially Started Tonguing Labia Inspired Nibbling Erotica!
  72. Withering Anorexics Insist Skinnys The Loveliest. Inches Need Expelled!
  73. Withholding Appitite , I'm Seeking Therapy, Loseing Inches, Never Easy!
  74. Weak and increasingly shaky, they lose inches, never eating!
  75. *Weightwatchers Anonymous* I Sit There Listening! "I NEEDA EAT"
  76. Work-out again? *I'm sobbing* Tae-Bo's lousey! I need energy!
  77. Weighed again.. Irrationable sobbing... Totally loosing it! Needed edibles!
  78. Withering away! I'm so tiny. Lifes indeed near end!
  79. Wishing... always invisible! Size? Terribly large!! Indulging never ends!!
  80. Watching all intake. Stomach's trembling, losing inches... never ending!
  81. Weeks after I've started, there's little improvement noticed. Exasperating!
  82. Wasting away in Starvationville. Totally lost incentive, now eating.
  83. Women always insist, "I should try lettuce, i'm near enormouse!"
  84. Workout, aerobics, I'm sweating terrible! Longing indulgence... nice eclair!!
  85. Worthless Apparatus Infomercial: Somers' ThighMaster(tm)! Legs improving? No... Expanding!!!
  86. Where's "Ally"? If Sideways, TV Lawyer's Invisible. Nearly Emaciated!!
  87. "Wilted again, Iceberg shrinks the "lap", I'm now exercising!
  88. Without an ingenious slimming technique, life is never easy.
  89. Worrying About Insercurities! Soulmate Tells Lies! Inhaling Never Ending!
  90. Whatever Advertisements Imply, Sorry, To Lose Inches Necessitates Exercise!!
  91. Wanna Abolish Infomercial! "Stop That Lady's Insanity"!!... Nice Eyebrows!!
  92. Waist adding inches? Swollen tummy? Large Intestine Needs Excercise.
  93. WILLPOWER, ambivalence identifies snacks trials.. Love is natural enemy.
  94. Weight's attrocious, Inaccurate scale? That's lewd, I need exercise.
  95. Want abs! I'm steering towards liposuction. I'm NOT exercising!
  96. Water Always Intenifies Stomach Trembling, Little Inches Now Enormous!
  97. Why attempt it? So tummy's large?? It's natural expansion!
  98. Widening ass indicates, sadly, that liposuction is necessary expenditure!
  99. When appetites increase substantially, the law is: No Eating!
  100. Worried. Anorexia is suspected. Tragedy! Let's include noodles. EAT!
  101. Weighty acroer initiates Slimfast, temperment's lousy... I'm NOT eating!
  102. Wanting another incredible,scrumptuos taco...Later.I'm nearing the end!
  103. Weightwatchers? Actually Is Stupid. Tacos, Lasagne, I'm Now Eating
  104. Weights Already Increasing! Salads,Then Liquid Intak... No Extras!
  105. Wasting away? I'm seeking thinness. Lethal, insipid noshing's exasperating.
  106. Washboard abdomen! I'm slim, trim, lean! I never exercise!
  107. Wanted: An Instant Slimming! Take Large Intestine -- Now Evaporate!
  108. We're Always In Some Tofu Lust. It's Never Exciting
  109. WOW... Anorexia! It's so tragic, losing inches NOT eating!
  110. Willpower activated, initiated Slimfast... Thighmaster... Liposuction! Irritated... NOT effective!!!
  111. Wasting Away! I'm Sure The Last Ingestion Needed Exlax!
  112. We Anorexics Immediately Stop Tubbiness. Losing Intestines Now. Eew