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VS the Serial Killers, September 30, 1999

WOW... this was the quickest game in history.. SO QUICK in fact we played another one. The first 2 games were done in about 20 minutes with John~SK flying to the top in both games. So.. What the hell, we did it again and the same thing happened. We went into face of in one of these games with the second highest score on the board being a WC with 8 points.. hehehehehe.

Players: Delilah, Can, Peachy, Backwards, Lin, Squid, Herbchic & Kiddo

VS the 30'sRusgang, September 29, 1999

Two game match this time... Both games won by the 30's gang. What a tough team these guy & gals are. But what a GREAT effort was made. We are getting closer to beating these guys for sure. First game it was 2 WC's in the face off, but the top 5 scoring brought us up just abit short.

Players: Kiddo, Delilah, Patches, Backwards, Darque & Froggie

VS the Witty Wonders, September 28, 1999

Excellent day game today with the WC's winning two straight games to take the win. I don't normally get the chance to write down acros of note (and I'm sorry), but today I managed to record "Osmonds: Seven brothers, Incredible (in the MUSIC BOT TOPC) and "Samantha Stevens: Witch!" in the opening acro of game 2.. Both of these acros were produced by W~malarkey~C and both recieved 7 votes. Well done to ALL!

Players: Kara, Delilah, MaLarkey, sdrawkcaB, Beanie, Tigg & a friend of beanie who joined to help us and who's nick I can't remember (sorry)

VS the 2nd Springers, September 26, 1999

Wonderful 3 game match with one of the funnest teams in acro today. The WC's took the first game, the Springers the 2nd and then the WC's the third. Thanks to all the great WC's that participated. You truly are the greatest.

Players: Kel, Peachy, Delilah, Squid, Froggy, Kiddo and Fly

VS the AcroPool, September 24, 1999

Well... we were supposed to be playing the Flying Toaster Philies tonight, but for some reason they never showed so we put out a call and ended up playing the great team "Acro Pool". It was a wonderful 3 game set with the WC winning the first game, the Pool'ers the second and then the best battle of the night in the 3rd with the WC's emerging the Victors!

Players: Kel, Squid, Peachy, drawkcaB, Need, Kiddo, Malarkey & Morfun (sorry to those that could not stay because of the changed time and thks to those that took their places)

VS the 30sRus, September 22, 1999

Another great game against a great team. Both teams scored high in this one and many complained that their seats were getting wet from laughing so hard. One of my personal favorite teams to play. Unfortunatly they were just to hot for us this time taking the win in two straight games.

Players: Can, Delilah, Kara, Froggie, Kiddo, MMDM, drawkcaB

VS the Phoenix, September 21, 1999

Short report this time... It was a fun game and everyone did great, but I must still report we lost 2 straight.  Came close in the second one as we were all getting warmed up, but just didn't quite make it.  We'll get em next time.

Players: Kel, Delilah, Peachy, Need, Kiddo, Kara and sdrawkcab

VS the Witty Wonders, September 17, 1999

This was a day game which both our teams ended up short players... The WC's ended up with 5 for most of the game with 6 briefly when Grannie joined us and was quickly booted back out by the system.  The Witty Wonders played with only 4 so we changed the scheduled rules from top 5 to face off scoring.  I'm afraid to report that we lost both games with the WC's making face off in the first one and both WW's in the second.  We welcomed both Kare and Grannie to their debute games.  Excellent to have you both.

Players:  Need, Backwards, kara, Delilah, Tigg & Grannie

VS the Cancunites, September 15, 1999

Nice try team... We could have done this one I think except for special rules that did not allow boot points to be kept.  None the less it was a very close game with the WC's in face off (and winning) for both games, loosing by only 1 point in the first game and would have won the second if not for peachy being booted and the loss of her 19 points.

Players:  Patches, Peachy, Chunks, SassyG, drawkcaB, Delilah and Froggie who played the first game for patches who was forced to be late because of unavoidable real life stuff.. hehehe   Thks all!!!

VS the Couch Rules, September 10, 1999

Our biggest challenge as they are a GREAT team that many of us share a regular room with.  First game is was all Sueby*cr* who flew to the top leaving most of us in the single digets. When it was over and we moved on to the second game?  LOOK OUT.. I've never seen so many high scores, the WC's won both game # 2 and game # 3 with scores well over 100 in the top 5 match.  You were all outstanding

Players: Delilah, Need, Chunks, Froggie, Herbchik, Fly and Peachy

VS the Phoenix, September 10, 1999

Payback time Team.. Phoenix is always a very fun team to play and a hard team to beat, but this time (thks to great play by all) we stretched it out to 3 full games and emerged victorious.  WTC WC's

Players:  Cblu, Fly, Peachy, Delilah and Need

VS the Second Spring, September 7, 1999

Well WC's... we lost this one.  The Springers came out strong and got to the top so fast in the first game most of us never left the single digits... Game two got much closer with many of us in the double digits and Fly making the face off.  Unfortunatly it just wasn't enough and we lost both games.  Nice try to you all... you did great

Players tonight:  TaraTori, HerbChik, Fly, Peachy, Britmiss, Chunks and Froggie

VS the Phoenix, September 2, 1999

Wow... first 2 game match for me in awhile.  Phoenix I'm afraid to report was more then up to the task in this game and the WC's fell in two straight games.  It was still a great game (as are all against the wonderful Phoenix Team)

Players tonight were:  Patches, MorFun, Fly, Peachy, SxyChimp and Temptrss. (thks to Sxy and Temp for coming on a call)


VS the Witty Wonders, September 1, 1999

Another fun, 3 game bout. The WW's came out in the first game and beat us soundly. Game 2 was a very close one with less that 15 points seperating the teams.. the WC's took it. Game 3 was all the WC's. Your a great bunch of players.. well done!

Players tonight were Chunks, BchBuni, Delilah, Brit, Froggie, Peachy and Fly