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VS the BiFocalers, October 28, 1999

We were originally scheduled to play the WolfPack, but they canceled due to lack of players. The BiFocalers were looking for a match, so we decided to take on a match with them. (thks to all for coming after being told game had been cancelled)

The first game was BF's all the way. BF's Dog & Lee leaped to the top and to the face-off. Score BF: 98 WC: 21

WC's picked up steam on the second game with ykoopS (Back) going to the top and winning the face off against BF Lee. This was a close game, but we came up a wee bit short of points. Score BF: 72 WC: 72. (tie going to the BiFocalers who had the most points prior to the face off)

As always the BiFocalers are a fun team to play and we had fun!

Players: Spooky, Peachy, Need, Delilah, Jaynet, Kiddo, and Morfun


VS the Serial Killers, October 26, 1999

What a fun match this was, through and through. We played the Serial Killers, who as always was a riot, down to their dress for the night.

The SK's took round 1 119-90 with Kiddo going to the f/o for us. WTG Kiddo!

Round 2 it was the WC's all the way with Squid and Peachy going to f/o. Squid came out ahead. WTG Squid!! The score in round 2 was 118-79 WC's.

Round 3 saw the dominance of the SK's once again with ykoops going to the f/o against PhantomSK. The SK's won 128-80.

Playing for the WC's: Kiddo, ykoopS, Patch, IceTea, Jo, Peachy, Thanks to Squid for stepping in for Herbchik, and to MorFun for stepping in for Ice when she had to leave. This was Ice's first team tourney, and she did a fine job!

{{{{{{{{ WC's }}}}}}}}

VS the Couch Rules (day game), October 26, 1999

Wow, what a fun way to spend the afternoon! Although the Bot was busy on most everyone's booty, we still had a great time! W~need~C went to F/O in every game!!! WTG Need!

First game was WC's all the way with Back (as Spooky) going into F/O with Need and winning it 17 - 6! WTG Back!

Second game the CR's gave us a run for our money! Need went to F/O against SpudGirl*CR. Spud won it 15 - 6. On to game 3...

Third and final game Need was in 1st place throughout the game... AGAIN! Delilah went to F/O with her this time and won... don't remember that score...sorry.

All-in-all it was a blast with many funny topics and acros! Players included: ykoopS(Back), Ever (congrats on your first team bout), Tigg, Phluffly (AKA Guyute), Need (show-off, LOL) & Delilah.


VS the Wolfpack, October 24, 1999

Well, this was an interesting match! We should've expected something strange when we set up a match with a pack of wolves on a full moon!

This was a squeaky clean match, with the addition of squeaky clean chat! If nothing else, the effort of trying to be THAT clean kept us all on our toes!

Game 1: Very quickly the WC's sped to the top in this game, with W~Need~C, and W~Kiddo~C hovering there for a bit before going to face off. Need got the boot before entering any f/o acros, so Kiddo took the round! Final score WC's 104-68!

Game 2: The WolfPack dominated throughout game 2, leaving us all a little confused as to what "squeaky clean" means. Fortunately, just in time for face off, W~Kiddo~C leaped to the top of the scoreboard, and faced off with IcEWolf V~V. Kiddo won f/o, 22-7, but the game went to the Wolves. Final score: V~V's 106-76!

Game 3: By game 3 the full moon seemed to be affecting ALL of us, not just the wolves! WC's made a great showing on a 7 letter RHYME TIME! Only 4 acros were submitted, 3 of which were WC's! Once again, Kiddo was the star of the game, going to face off with IcEWolf V~V again. A close face off score, but Kiddo won, 15-14! Final score: WC's 94-78!


Players: W~ykoopS~C (captain), W~Peachy~C, W~kimba~C, W~Beanie~C, W~Kiddo~C, W~Coston~C, W~Need~C (results).

VS the Couch Rules, October 22, 1999

We were initially scheduled to play the Flying ToasterPHiles tonight but after they didn't show up, the Couch Rules team kindly stepped in. The CR's were short one player, and since we had an extra, Peachy was recruited to play for the opposing team. Peachy received much razzing over this and should keep looking over her shoulder in the future....LOL. Peachy, did you have to do so well?

After a long debate over inuendo level, clean/mild was decided upon and the games began. Fun was had by all and some great acros were entered. Good humor and playfulness filled the room. Unfortunately for the WC's, the match went to the CR's (Stench and SueM seemed unstoppable).

The rules for this game included winner of face-off takes all and the breakdown is as follows: Game 1: Squid and Stench go to the face-off with Squid winning it for the WC's.

Game 2: The face-off was all CR's with Stench and SueM riding it out and SueM winning in a close shave (15-14)

Game 3: Squid and SueM go to the face-off with SueM taking it 21-15, clinching the victory for the CR's.

Thanks go to ykoopS (Backwards) for stepping in to play at the last minute as Captain.

Players: ykoopS, Squid (Results), Patches, Bunnay, Kimba, Fab and Jo (oh, yeah, and Peachy, too, I guess. Just kidding ya, Peachy)

VS the 30'sRus, October 21, 1999

Well, WC's, we had a great time playing the 30's tonight!!

What fun! With MrPres and MsMonica playing for the 30's, the evening was guaranteed to be interesting. It was determined early on that General Acrophobia = sex, and that was pretty much the theme for the evening. Rules were Top 5, innuendo allowed. That was innuendo?!? :-)

First round went to the 30s with an all 30's f/o. Final score for that game was 112-74.

Despite the score, WC's played awesome!! Great acros all around. By our account, round two also went to the 30s, 98-93. However, sdrawkcaB made it to the f/o and played like a champ - 20-8 vs. Tigress. The 30s said that the f/o counted and we were going to a 3rd game. Woo-hoo? Remains to be seen. Back will be checking the TA site for clarification.

In the third round, Squid ended up standing in for Peachy, who had to leave. What a great job standing in!! Squid made it to f/o against another WCer, CindyLou. CindyLou proved that perversion does get the points, at least in an innuendo-allowed room (her evil twin took over). It was a great round, WC's won 63-35. WC's take 2!! Woo-hoo!!

** Note that TA rules guidlines say that if a tie happens in cummulitive scoring game... the win goes to the team with highest score entering the face off. So game 2 and the match went to the 30's**

Playing for the WC's: Peachy, sdrawkcaB, Juliet, Hunny, Lin, Coston, and CindyLou.

VS the Bifocalers, October 19, 1999

This was a match that went to 3 full games, but by far the most exciting was the first! W~Kiddo~C was at the top from almost the very beginning, but the BiFocaler's dominated the score board by mid-game. Kiddo, however remained strong, and went into face off with BF's Treit33, with the WC's behind by only 3 points! Kiddo pulled off the win for us, with the final score 84 WC's - 82 BF's! WTG Kiddo!

Game 2 was a great game for the BiFocaler's, with their team playing strong and leading all the way! The face off was between Dog~o^o~, and Treit33~o^o~, and the final score was BF's 126 - WC's 33... well done BF's!

Game 3 was close throughout, with Kiddo once again our top scorer! There was some suspense, but by the time Kiddo faced off with BF's Dog, the BiFocalers were in the lead, and wrapped up the winning game, BF's 89 - WC's 63...

However, we all know it isn't whether we win or lose, it's how we play the game, and this match sure was a lot of fun! Make sure you don't miss the next game you have a chance to join!

Players: W~Delilah~C (Captain), W~patches~C, W~Bunnay~C, W~Kiddo~C, W~Lin~C, W~kimba~C, W~Need~C.

Submitted by: W~Need~C

VS the Phoenix, October 18, 1999

Well, guys what can I say? We did our best but still lost in 3... There were many problems during this bout (including my dog chewing my phoneline in half) and lots of folks felt the imprint of Bot's boot...

We lost the first round but made a comeback in the second when Peachy & I went to FO. But the Phoenix clan outplayed us in the 3rd... Oh well, you win a few & ...

Fun, Challenge, high scoring were all aspects of this one...

Game #1, 93-60 PX's, Game # 2 137-74 WC's, Game # 3 135 -102 PX's..

Thanks to all who participated in this last minute game! Players were: W~Teas~C (and welcome back), W~Kara~C, W~Kiddo~C, W~Squid~C, W~drawkcaB~C, W~Peachy~C, and W~Delilah~C (W~Lin~C showed up to play but then was lost in the confusion, sorry Lin)


VS the Wolfpack, October 17, 1999

"'Tis better to have played and lost than to never have played at all...." or something like that.

Well, fellow WC's, we gave it a good try. After Captain Peachy politely asked some non-clan players to leave, the first round began and was very similar in score to a basketball game. We lost 76-40. Actually, it didn't seem that bad while we were playing. MaLarky had a great acro on the very first three letter Acro. The letters were: TCH. MaLarky's response? "Teamster" Corpse: Hoffa. Nice one, MaLarky!!! Then, after a brief discussion about whether we were squeaky or mild, play resumed. Mildly. Granny and MaLarky went to F/O with Granny winning.

The second round saw Winner's Choice taking control with Kiddo, MaLarky, Peachy, and Lin holding the top four spots at the mid-way point of the game. Woo-hoo!! GO WC's!!! We ended up winning that round 111-89 with MaLarky and Kiddo meeting each other in the F/O arena. It was a close one! Kiddo: 15, MaLarky:14 Woo-hoo, too!

The third round was a 'howling' success for the Wolves. Granny broke from the pack and left us all in single digits for most of the game. Final score in the third round: 76 - 45, WolfPack wins.

Great rounds against a fun team.

Playing for the WC's: Peachy (Captain), Bunnay, MaLarky, Lin, Kiddo, Squid, and CindyLou (results)

VS the Reruns, October 15, 1999

Well gang.. We showed, We played, We lost... hehehehe

It wasn't all that The Reruns won the first round 84-61. Hunny played her first tournament game, and scored 29 in the round, WTG Hunny!

The second round was Reruns all the way scoring 85-55. We'll get em next time WC's!

Playing for the WC's: Kiddo, Patches, sdrawkcaB, Squid, Beanie, Hunny, and Peachy

{{{{{{{{{{ WC's }}}}}}}}}}

VS the Witty Wonders, October 15, 1999

We had a blast again this afternoon playing one of our favorite teams... MaLarkey went to FO in the 1st game (with 29) and won it with a whalloping 24-10!!! WTG MA!!! Honorable mention in this game was Squid with 26 points.GG Squid! Final score WC's 94- WW's 69 (Ma-Larky also had a 6 vote acro "Seismologists read 'Shocks'!"

The second game was WC's all the way with ykoopS (Back in costume, 20 points) and Delilah (31 points) going to FO... Back claimed victory in FO...WTG Back! Also Need scored 20 points in this game.GG Need! (And thanks for adding scores for us) Final score was WC's 102- WW's 39 (Back got an 8 vote acro "Sprinting done! Toilets been covered! Relieved!"

Everyone did a fine job! Players included: MaLarkey, Tigg, Need, Squid, Kuti, ykoopS (back) (A), & Delilah (C) Thanks everyone!!!


VS the Wolf Pack, October 14, 1999

What a grat game this was! This one went to 3.

WC's won the first round 106-95 with Kiddo taking us to the face-off. WTG Kiddo!

The Wolves won the second match 99-64 (we had to give em a chance ya know)

The third round was WC's all the way. We won it 103-75 with sdrawkcaB and Kiddo going into the face-off, and Kiddo winning it. WTG guys!

Playing for the WC's: Kiddo, Kimba (hows the boot marks?), MMDM, sdrawkcaB, Squid, Morfun, and Peachy

VS the Denim & Diamonds (Day), October 14, 1999

Wonderfull 2 game match WC's. With only 5 players playing, everyones scores were important and the team was more than up to the task. In the first game the final score was WC's 78 to DD's 38.. with Need and Ma-Larky making the face off. This round saw another great acro with Ma-Larky pulling in 7 votes for a General Category acro "Stretchmarked.. My heine!"

Game 2 say a final score of 106 - 56 for the WC's with Ma-Larky again going to face off, this time with Backward who also did a 7 point acro to the topic "Why is Granny in jail.. (again)".. the acro "Undressed last Tuesday... Walmart!"

Players: Ma-Larky, Need, Backwards, Tigg and Captain Delilah

VS the AcroBats, October 13, 1999

Well guys, we took a whooping in this one.. LOL. Guess we can't win them all! The AcroBats are a great team and showed it tonight. They won the first game 92-28 and the 2nd one 118-81. We'll get em next time!!

Playing for the WC's: Delilah, Kiddo, sdrawkcaB, Peachy, and a special thanks to Kimba, Cindylou, and Beanie for stepping in at the last moment.

((((((((((( WC's ))))))))))))

VS the Fortytudes, October 12, 1999

Well gang, we lost but we had a great time playing these guys!! We had alot of our new members with us, which was great..glad to get ya know ya guys!

first round was all 40's..79-30 with 40jazzee and 40wonders getting to the face off..

second round was a bit closer with Kiddo doing an awesome job getting into face off..and winning but the 40's still took the round 80-90.WTG Kiddo..awesome job..

I would like to mention Delilahs was great!! she did that and kept our team alive, then there was no stopping us...they had to fight for the second round!! If you ever need a Ransom note written, go see De..shes great at can see it on the home page..WTG De..

Playing for the WC's: Delilah, Kiddo, Herbchik, Kimba, Bunny, Patches, and me, Morfun.

((((((((HUGS ALL))))))))))) MorFun

VS the Couch Rules, October 12, 1999

What a Great fun game!!! We had a blast today playing against the folks we consider our friends from the Couch....The first game was WC's all the way and was totally dominated by Kara (AKA the birthday girl) who had 38 points going into the faceoff with Squid (26 points).

Second game was a little closer with Kara (29 points this game) going to F/O again, vs 6ULDV8, who was subbing for the Couchies. It was a close one with 6ULDV8 winning it 18-15.

Whew! The heat was really on in the 3rd. game... Our fearless leader, drawkcaB (Back) went to F/O this time vs. JazzyCR. Back went into F/O with 40 points!!! And won the F/O as well, bringing the WC's to a rousing victory!!!

In all three games the Wc's had extremely high scores... EVERYONE did a fine job! I feel that this was our most fun and exciting Day Game in a looooong time! I really appreciate everyone showing up promptly! Thanks to all who played!!! And a special thanks to SueCR* for Captaining their team in CinCR*'s absence... We all hope for a speedy recovery for Cin!

Players were: drawkcaB, Kara, Lin, Need, Squid, Tigg& Delilah(Captain). W~Delilah~C

VS the Coffe Shop 2, October 10, 1999

We played CoffeeShop2 and as always what a blast! They are always a treat to play.

In the first round it was the WC's all the way scoring 101-69 with sdrawkcaB and Peachy going to the face off. Of course back won, WTG!

In round 2 the WC's continued to be hot winning the round 101-77 although the CS2 crew gave us a run for our money. Seeing us to the face off was sdrawkcaB and Peachy with Peachy taking this one.

We had Fab playing with us in her first team match, and she did a great job! Welcome Fab!!

Playing for the WC's: Morfun, Squid, Fab, sdrawkcaB, Kiddo, Can, and Peachy. WTG WC's!!

VS the Insomniacs, October 8, 1999

Today just wan't our day!! (hehehe).. Another quick 2 game match with the insomniacs dominating the WC's with scores of 126-58 and 118 - 52... WTG insomniacs. (but look out next time)

Players: Kiddo, Beanie, Patches, Morfun, drawkcab, Peachy, Kara and Squid who filled in at the beggining for abit. Thks all

VS the Phoenix, October 8 (day game), 1999

Whew... another short 2 game tournament goes by with Phoenix in top form beating us by good margins with 101-97 & 64-46 games in this match where we played top 4 (thks phoenix) as we just couldn't get a full team together and *sdrawkcaB* decided not to bring in subs.

Players: Delilah, Squid, need, Tigg, drawkcaB

VS the Phoenix, October 7, 1999

As always, what a treat to play Phoenix. We lost, but had Phun! In the phirst round it was Phoenix all the way scoring 136-69. The WC's came back in game 2 however and won 103-94 with Kiddo and Delilah going to the phace off. WTG guys! Game 3 was quite close phor awhile, but in the end Phoenix won scoring 145-91. GG WC's!! We'll get em next time!

Playing for the WC's: CindyLou, Delilah, sdrawkcaB, Kiddo, MMDM, Patches, and me Peachy.

VS the Denim & Diamonds (day game), October 7, 1999

Well, today there were more helpers that WC's and congratulations to them all as they beat the DD's in two straight (top 3) games... First game 71 to 70 (damn close) and the second 76 to 62.

Players: Tigg, Delilah, Backwards, Dogstyle~k9, Subpuppy~k9, ~DD~Skymoose, Daddy~o^o~

VS the Witty Wonders, October 6, 1999

The first game was great with 2 WC's making the faceoff!! WC: 106, WW: 58. Second game Witty Wonders picked up speed and each team had representative in the faceoff. WC: 74, WW: 113.... The final game was close all the way.. very close with the final score being WC: 92, WW: 90... wow! A blast was had by all. WW's are a great and fun team to play! Congrats CindyLou in her first tournament games with the WC's.. making faceoff in two rounds! Great Job captain Delilah!!

Players: Delilah (captain), Patches, CindyLou, Can, Squid, Froggie, & Kiddo


VS the Fortytude, October 5, 1999

Report Pending:

Players: Puppy, Backwards, Peachy, Delilah, Darque, Froggie, Lin

VS the Bifocalers, October 2, 1999

This game started out very well... looked like we were gonna take this wonderful team. WC's took the first game 99 to 70 and then the Bifocalars DOG found a bone or something and zipped to the top leading them to a 53 - 21 win in the second game... (heheeh.. high scoring eh?). The third game was much more fun with alternating players winning, but in the end it was the Bifocalers that came out on top to take the overall tournament!

Players: Need, Peachy, Kiddo, Lin, Patches, Delilah & Backwards

VS the Witty Wonders, October 1, 1999

Well, unfortunately we are starting October off with a loss, but we had a great time losing! LOL Once again the WW's were a lot of fun to play. In the first game, Delilah went to F/O but lost. The final score after F/O was WW's 97 - WC's 94 (close, huh?) In the second game MaLarkey joined us and really rallied the team to a 104 - 91 victory! WTG Ma! Ma pretty much dominated in the 3rd. game also, but unfortunately we fell to the WW's 107-65. Several of our players were in double digits throughout the first two games. We had a blast and we are looking forward to the next bout with this Great FUN team!!! Thanks to Janey & the WW's

Players: Delilah, Lin, Darque, Backwards, Squid, MMDM, Malarky, Tigg