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Vs Fortyssimo- November 30, 1999

We were plagued by the Bot with lagging throughout the entire match tonight, however, even if it slowed us down (pun intended!), it certainly didn't stop us!! WC's were victorious, winning the 2nd and 3rd games!

The FF*'s were strong from the start, winning the first 3 rounds, but thanks to Delilah waking up and winning the last two rounds, FF*Cindysr had some competition in F/O! Cindysr won the F/O, with the first game going to the Fortyssimo's 76-48.

In game #2, the rest of the WC's began to either wake up, or overcome the lag monster, and by F/O time, 4 of the top five players were WC's! FF*Qwill led the group into F/O, against drawkcaB (good to have you playing with us, Back!), where Back secured the win for WC's... final score WC's 74 - FF's 67. WTG drawkcaB!!

On to game #3... Again another very close match, (don't you love the close games?) but Back and Delilah were playing strongly, and ended up facing off with each other. The score going into F/O was only 5 points separating the teams, and ended with WC's winning 72-62!

Special kudos go to W~Stoopid~C for captaining his first match... WTG Stoopid!

Playing for Fortyssimo's: Cindysr, Fields, Gnomie, Qwill, Charysma, Mistletoe, and Hi There!

Representing the WC's: Stoopid (C), Need (R), Juliet, FroGGie41, Salome, drawkcaB, and Delilah. WTG WC's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vs Serial Killers - November 27, 1999

Unfortunately I was booted just about the time the game started, so I don't have results to report for the first few rounds... I know that Squid won the 4 letter round as she entered the topic for 5 letter round... ((which was used for the 6 letter round due to a TIME OUT called resulting from a massive boot upon my reentry... LOL "GRRRRR... Get outta my way"!)) topic: Why is the dog chasing the cat? Winning Acro> W~Delilah~C's "Silly dog! Probably likes big scratches!" Topic for 7 letter round was Del's : What does Bubba want for Christmas? Winning Acro >Bonnie P SK's "Rifle, booze, woman servant, maybe? TV "potato" 3 letter round was next Topic was GA (bot) Winning Acro> BundySK's Millenium described, Nostradamus! 4 letter round was another bot topic: Animals. Won by W~Salome~C's Vexing flea violated "Muppy"! Next topic was "How do you say goodnight?" Winning Acro: W~mcintire~C (Welcome to your first clan bout, by the way!) "Praying, bedside, creative dreams! Next topic mc's :What do you want for Christmas? Winning Acro> LizBordenSK's Money! Oh, millions! Great gift overwhelms. Next round Bot topic(GA) Winning Acro> OlsonSK's Pyramids, Sphinx great relics. Cairo's supreme protectors. Final Topic for 1st game was Olson's : "The Beatles" Winning Acro> CitizenX SK's "Help!" a classic!

After a long discussion re: when will this game end? Where the average family vacation was acted out by various players ie: "Are we there yet?" etc., The SK's went to FO... CitizenX Sk 6 - Bonnie P SK 18. With 5 points going to the SK's for FO, the final score for the first game was 131 - 80 (many booted points in there)

On to game #2 and Victory.... or so we thought! The SK's won this game in only 3 rounds, with Bonnie SK taking 3 of them!!! WTG Bonnie! Her final score was double that of her teammate, Olson who went to FO with her... High score for WC's in this game? 5 points.... boo hoo!!! Olson won the FO 15-14 CLOSE!!! Giving the SK's a 69 - 22 point victory!

We lost, but everyone played well, and we had loads of fun, which is the main thing! One thing I found distracting was the inability to write purple when describing my actions... it was a challenge to say the least! We WILL get them next time WC's!!!LOL

Intresting things shared in chat were: Bonnie's son shot an 8 point buck, setting a record for his lodge. Salome's (Herbchic) son bagged 2 deer Saturday. And Wally is now dressing in drag...LOL

Players for the Serial Killers included: Bonnie P, Pee Wee, Citizen X, Bundy, Olson, Cunanan, and Liz Borden.

WC's were: Peachy (Captain), FlapJack, Mcintire (welcome), Salome, Squid, & Delilah (results)

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((WC's))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))

Vs Royals- November 27, 1999

Not sure who was going to do this results.. heheeh.. but I can tell you that we lost in 2 straight games in a very firm butt kicking. We'll get em next time :)

Vs Acroholics - November 26, 1999

We were scheduled to play the Flying Toaster Philes but they stood us up (I had a boyfriend like that once,LOL). Luckily the Acroholics needed a team to play so our Genius Captain, Peachy, was able to arrange a replacement. Peachy entertained us with a Christmas story about her friend, who shares the story of the three wise men with her children. She explains how Jesus received three gifts at Christmas, so now her children expect only three gifts...(If anyone ever publishes a handbook on parenthood this one should be in there!) I commented that if she could get the children to wait until Epiphany (January 6th., supposedly the date the wisemen finally found the Christchild) then she could wait for the after Christmas sales to buy their gifts also! hehehe

Some of the "pre-game chatbox ACROs" included: W~Late4~C>: Broke Tomorrow! Christmas Shopping! W~Salome~C>: Blitzen tinkled- Cruddy Snow! W~Delilah~C>: Born the Christchild! Salvation! W~Salome~C>: Winter has "nose chilling" tingle! W~Late4~C>: Please bring cherished treasures, but credit's exempt! W~Delilah~C>: Money's funny... imitation? and my favorite (For waiting to start game) W~Late4~C My fingers: impatient!

Players for the Acroholics included: @~Hang Ten~@, @~sleeper~@, Positron(sub), @~Lyz~@, @~painpill~@, @~Some~@, and @~WordWiz~@. It was decided just before game time, that since HangTen stubbed, & possibly broke his toe, that his new name would be HangNine.

The first game went quickly with the Acroholics taking a fast lead that we never quite recovered from. Painpill won the first 2 rounds with: Archeologists: Fossil evaluators. and Whiskey has ruined relationships!. Round 3 went to W~CindyLou~C, category "Magic" Rabbit found! Shazaam! Tophat's prepared! Round 4 went to Delilah: Couch topic: "I got kicked out of Wal-Mart because..." Acro: Caught playing with Barbies...likely nude! Round 5 went to @~Sleeper~@ Couch topic: "What does Granny want for Christmas?" Acro: Teeth! Can't chew any real bread! Bitter! Round 6 was @~Lyz~@'s Topic"disasters" Acro: California's "faults" shake! Round 7 was General Acro, won by @~HangTen (nine?)~@ Acro: Scrooge: A Christmas annoyance! Round 8 Couch topic "Cartoons" went to Lyz again with "Indeed nice Elroy has "Astro". and Round 9 was HangTen's on topic"Animals" Ship expect couples: Noah took pairs. @~HangTen~@ and @~Painpill~@ went to FO which ended in a tie! Final score for the 1st. game 136Acroholics to 69 WC's (whine-whine) after FO... WTG Acroholics!

Second game was almost ALL Acroholics, with W~SexiGirl~C winning round 6... Going to FO for the @'s was painpill & sleeper painpill won it 15 - 10. Final score for game #2: Wc's 58 - 127 Acroholics... a sound thrashing indeed! We will get them next time....

Players for the WC's include: W~Peachy~C (captain), W~CindyLou~C(Only played in Game#1), W~Mor-Fun~C (Played game #2), W~Late4~C, W~FlapJack~C, W~Salome~C (formerly Herbchic), W~SexiGirl~C and W~Delilah~C (results)


Vs L's Angels - November 23, 1999

A big Winner's Choice welcome to Late4, Sith-Lrd and FlapJack who played in their first bouts (or nearly their first). Great job on the acros, fellow WC's!! We all hope you enjoyed yourselves

This match got off to a slow start with many team members experiencing problems getting into Acrophobia. Both teams played a bit shorthanded but that did not diminish the fun. Some very funny people were there today!

Rules for this match: Winner's Choice, Face-off scoring, clean (was mild until we realized there were minors present).

The first game went to the WC's with Late4 (31) and LHag (23) going to the face-off. Late4 emerged victorious 12 - 9. WTG Late4! Nice work for your first bout!

The second game was a face-off tie (13-13), with the game going to the L'Angels. Lm&e had 35 going into the fo compared to FlapJack's 26. We are very proud of your performance, Flap! Keep up the good work!

The third game went to the WC's with Squid (40) winning the face-off against her team mate, FlapJack (27). Face-off: 11 - 7. WTG WC's!

A nice victory for the WC's. It was nice playing with you all considering how this week has been going with acrophobia.

WC's: Need (Great job as captain), Squid (results & assistant captain), Ever (who unfortuately had to leave before the game ended), Peachy (who so kindly stepped in after Ever left), Late4, Sith-Lrd, FlapJack.

L'Angels: LHag (very funny guy who wanted to tell us all about his "wee wee"), LilBit, L'Bapp, Lm&e, LSar, MonCheri.

Thanks all, I had fun and hope you did, too!

** special not of thanks to squid and need for filling in when our isp went ka-boom just before the start of the game (Peachy) **

Vs Couch rules - November 23, 1999 - Cancelled

Vs Darkside - November 22, 1999

We had a great time playing and chatting with the Dark Side Clan tonight! I logged the chat so I could share some of it with those of you who couldn't be there. Of course while we were waiting for everyone to arrive, we did a few "chat-box Acros"

Here are some of them: 3 letters, NSL W~FlapJack~C>:Need Sex, Lover? W~Joey~C>: not sexy, lover ^*shivers*^>: no sex lately W~Delilah~C>: Naughty sex? Let's! ^sinner^>: needing safety... latex!! ^*shivers*^>: naturally sex, later W~FlapJack~C>: No sex, loser

4 letters CBDM ^sinner^>: Condom broke, dreadful motherhood! W~Joey~C>: Canadians: Best darn mates ^*shivers*^>: Causes bad dreams... Men W~Delilah~C>: Canadian beavers: Dam makers W~SexiGirl~C>: cute boys don't masturbate

W~Stoopid~C arrived with much good natured joking about his nick... You are too cool, Stoopid! Stoopid really kept us rolling all evening with his funny banter! There were several great topics given, some re: the holidays. First Couch topic was Stoopids "Worst Inlaw at Thanksgiving". Many riotous answers to this one!

The first game was a very close game with W~FlapJack~C representing the WC's in FO vs ^HellsAngel^ score before FO WC's 97 - DS 101. They just slipped by us with a final score of 97-106 DS.

^HellsAngel^ (who did a fine job subbing) was replaced by the scheduled player ^Inferno^ in game #2. More great topics for this one, included Peachy's "Why's the plumber yelling?" and Del's "Things seen on a Thanksgiving Table" in which we discovered that several members of each team have drunk relatives as a portion of their table settings! LOL Unfortunately for Stoopid, he got booted during this game with a score of 22 points... Joey had a good joke for us , Q:"What does PMS really stand for?" A:"penis must suffer", which brought much laughter all around!We all did some creative "lying" to ^shivers^ topic: "Describe yourself" And we all had fun with ^FireEyes^ topic: Why the cops are here" followed by W~Delilah~C's topic:"Why is Bubba Hiding?" W~Joey~C and W~Delilah~C went to FO in this game with a tied result!!! Making the final score 81 WC's - 56 DS..... WTG WC's!!!! Must mention FlapJack's chat-box Acro to the 3 letter round during face-off NVR: "Needed: Vibrator recharger!" Also, we were entertained by a story FireEyes told us about the ER where her hubby works... I won't repeat it here, but email me & I'll tell it to you...hehehe!

During the 3rd. game Stoopid told us all about the new pig he has. (Flap mentioned that "pig" was not a nice thing to call one's girlfriend) LOL Actually, though it is a real pig, named Putz that he is raising for 4-H. Del had to ask if he had seen Deliverance...LOL Some of the Topics in this game included Peachy's:"Why are the kids running, screaming, from the house?" The DS requested cocktails, so Del "popped a cork" which hit Stoopid in the eye, bounced off & hit ^DRKIDLADY^ in the boob.. and was actually heard swooshing by, by FireEyes!!! Thantos had a great TOPIC with : "The last time I got drunk..." Lotsa puking going on for that one! LOL ^Shivers^ did one of my favorite topics: "Redneck Wedding Gifts". Followed by W~FlapJack~C's topic: "Why did the teacher call your parents?" (We were all such model students!! LOL FlapJack & Peachy went to the FO giving us a final score of 100 DS - 109 WC's!!! Woooo Hooooo WTG!!!

I also want to note that ^FireEyes^ voted for Peachy 6 times in that last game!!! WTG Peachy! I'd also like to mention the fine job P does as our team Captain! We love you ((((((((((((P))))))))))))))

Players for the Dark Side included:^*shivers*^,^*Morgana*^,^DRKIDLADY^, ^HellsAngel^ (1st. game only), ^FireEyes^,^Thantos^, ^Inferno^ & ^sinner^.

WC's were W~Peachy~C (Captain), W~Stoopid~C, W~Darque~C, W~FlapJack~C, W~Joey~C, W~Sexi Girl~C (Great job in your first bout!!!) and W~Delilah~C (results)

Hope you all enjoyed this "detailed" results report! W~Delilah~C

Results November Nov/13 to Nov/21

I'm abit stumped... I don't know where they went and I don't keep copies.. I'm sorry

VS the Insomniacs, November 12, 1999

So we were a little slow starting in the first game while the Insomniacs were wide awake. Painpill was a Sub for the Insomniacs and he made a sandwich out of all of us going to the face-off with 37 points against Eeyger*1 with 13? points. Painpill won the face-off 16-15. Final score 87-26 Insomniacs. The most notable occurrence for the WCs happened in round 3 with Squid's great speed. Squid led team with 7 points in the game.

Now game 2 stirred the WCs spirit and we began to rise to the occasion. MorFun started with good speed in the first round, then we took five rounds in a row starting with drawkcaB's "Granny cooking! Mighty inebriated!" (9 points) following the Thanksgiving disaster theme. Then Peachy jumped in with "Intoxicated goof lost keys. Irritated!" (9 points) to explain why brother was yelling at the neighbor. Squid answered why the plumber was yelling because "Hiney crack's bare again. Highly x-rated" (10 points). Then, Toni&Jp actually got points when speedily responding to Granny's mishaps in Court "Propositioned cop for cocaine, going away eternally" (14 points). Peachy completed the run of five in a row when explaining why her spouse upsets her when "X-rated toys demanded" (9 points). Though valiant an effort from Peachy, Painpill again struck going into face-off 32 Pain, 24 Peachy. Neck in neck until the third round of face-off tied at ten apiece, Painpill came out victorious 17-14?. Final score of second game 103-93 Insomniacs.

WC players: drawkcaB (captain?), Peachy, MorFun, Squid, patches, Bunnay, and Toni&Jp (results w/ a little help from Squid).

Insomniac players: Painpill, LadyEm, Cricket, Euphoric, Eeyger*1, ARK, HangTen.

Thanks for a great game.

VS the Phoenix, November 12, 1999 (day game)

WOW!!!! We finally beat the PXers! We had a GREAT time this afternoon! PatioPX, RhoTund, Landslid, & Ruby ( sorry, I forgot who the 5th. player was) were representing Phoenix and Phlapping away! Both games were close, but the WC's perservered and won in the end!

Game 1 was pretty much dominated by WC with NJ going to FO. Phoenix won the FO, but we still got a score of 76-59 after the FO. We decided to count only the Top4 scores, since the PX's were short 2 players. We lost Coston somewhere toward the end of the first game, but Phluff came in & did a fine job filling in for him!

Game 2 was even more fun! (Someone commented that it was the "cleanest" bot allowable game they had ever seen! LOL) Rho created the TOPIC: Rhyming MONO and Back ran away with it! He went to FO with Land and won it by a Landslide....LOL literally! Final score for the 2nd. game was 76 to 68 after FO for the WC's!!! WTG Back!

Freya joined us for her first WC Bout today and did a GREAT job finishing in the top 4 in both games! WTG Freya!!! Those W~C tags look great, girl!

Players included: NJ, Back,Freya, Coston (sorry about the boot), Maren, Phluff, (Thanks for filling in!) and me, Delilah (Captain & Results)

VS the Denim & Diamonds, November 11, 1999 (day game)

Well, we had another great 3 game match today against the Denim & Diamonds team as you can see by the scores.

In the first game the WC's went to face of with a score of 99 to 92 in favor of the DD's.. Delilah pitted her skills against DD*Cinna who proved just a touch better taking the face off to give the DD's a 97 -92 victory.

Game 2 was just the reverse with Ma Larky heading to face off against DD*Baldy2 to win and lead us to a second game victory of 100 to 88 WC's.

Game 3... Well it was Phlyuffy's turn in this game heading to the the Face off against Baldy to lead the WC's to a 83 - 68 win.

Playing for the WC's were Delilah, Need, Ma Larky, MMDM, Tigg, Phluffy and drawkcaB... special thks to Phluffy for filling in for Ever who could not get connected to acro today.

VS the Denim & Diamonds, November 10, 1999

First of all, a BIG Winner's Choice welcome to W~Toni&Jp~C who played in her first match tonight. You did a great job, Toni, and we all hope you enjoyed yourself.

Tonight's bout was in the back pocket of the WC's for the whole ride (thanks to Delilah and Maren). The WC's emerged victorious in 2 straight games with the unstoppable Maren and Delilah going to both face-offs. This was Maren's second match and we couldn't be prouder with her performance! WTG Del and Maren !!!!!!!

1st game: Maren (31) and Del (26) duke it out with Del winning 14-8. Total game score was 116-80 WC's.

2nd game: Del (30) and Maren (29) return to the face-off with Maren winning 11-6. Total game score was 118-98 WC's.

There were some problems with players getting booted in this match but everyone kept his sense of humor and the match proceeded with lots of good natured fun. Some great acros were submitted and I wish I had written them down to share with you here. Sorry - I had a wicked headache tonight (poor, poor Squid).

DD* team: LapDancer, Cinna, Relatives, YAmIHere, BYUMMY, Smiley, CowboyUp

WC team: Backward (Capt.), Squid (Results), Delilah, Maren, Toni&Jp, Beanie, Peachy

VS the Acrobats, November 9, 1999

What can I say.......We came, We acroed, We lost!! :) But the major factor here was... We all had a BLAST!!! The acros were hilarous and the chat was running faster than I could read it. LOL

Playing for the Acrobats were: bugsmom, misty, kayla, azchile,, bumper, and firedup. A great bunch of acroers!!!

Playing for the WC's were: swardkacb(cappy), peachy, herbchik, maren, phlffy, morfun, and froggie.

The first game was all Bats. Or should I say all Misty. That girl was HOT tonite. :) She leaped to the top quickly and left the rest of us in her dust. LOL Misty won this game with 37 points. F/O was between Misty and the final score was 75-24 Bats.

The second game was close, but the WC's prevailed. Peachy was awesome....had an acro that scored 14 points...Alarmed! Again Pa Threatened With Room Cleaning! WTG Peachy!! Peachy won this game with 33 points. F/O was between Peachy and Misty...and the final score was 68-60 WC's.

On to the thrid game. Again the Bats were awesome and again Misty reached the top. That girl was unstoppable. LOL She had 33 points. F/O was between Misty and Firedup....and the final score was 74-24 Bats.

Was a great 3 game match and fun was had by all. We will get them next time. LOL

VS the Couch Rules, November 9, 1999

The match was a fun one but the Acrophobia gods were not smiling upon any of us for this one. Players from both sides kept getting booted and some were having trouble getting back in. The match lasted almost 2 hours and the last game was not even played! Both teams decided on a tie for the match due to the temperamental acrobot.

In the first game, Delilah (30) and Fire(CR sub) (23) went to the face-off with Fire taking it 17-15. Although the game went to the CR's, it was a close face-off with Del doing a great job. WTG Delilah !!!!

Honorable acro mention goes to Lin for a 3 letter acro (P A S): Pinocchio: Awesome Snout ! {so cute}

In the second game, Abstract*CR* (30) and Squid (29) went to the face-off with Squid taking it for the WC's 19 - 14 (?). Another close one !

By request of Captain Delilah, honorable acro mention goes to a WC for a 3 letter acro (E P U), topic: A - B = C. "Emergency - Pulse = Undertaker". This 3 letter acro gave the WC player 15 points. WTG WC's!

During the 3rd game, the BIG BOT BOOT (BBB) sent half the players into acro-cyber space. Many had difficulty getting back and lots of confusion set in. It was decided by both teams to call it a draw.

While difficulties plagued the match today, it was still fun and the *CR's* are a fun, talented team. Thanks to them all. *CR*'s: 6ULDV8, Globug, Jaymee, abstract, Fire(Sub), SueM, ~DD~CBlu(Sub).

WC players: Delilah (Captain), Squid (Results), Tigg, Need, Ma~Larky, Lin, Puppy With thanks going to Back for stepping in when all the craziness started. Thanks, hun!

VS the 30'sRus, November 8, 1999

What fun we all had in the match today! The 30's crowd is a great team to play (one of my favorites). I laughed so hard at some of the acros, that I almost missed some voting!!!!

The WC's emerged victorious this time around in two straight games! WTG WC's!

Ma~Larky (33) and Squid (29) went to the first face-off with Squid taking it by one point and only one point (score 15-14?). The first game score total was 99-22 WC's!

Lin (31) and Backwards (28) went to the second face-off with Back taking it 21-3. The second game score total was 117-47 WC's!

Nice work, WC's. I know we all had alot of fun. Looking forward to playing the 30's again - SOON!

Thanks to the 30's for a fun match: Spineman, Vixen, Levi69, Weaser, BlueEyes and Ayla.

WC Players: Delilah (captain), Squid (results), Ma~Larky, Lin, Backward, Bunnay, Need.

VS the Witty Wonders, November 5, 1999

Report pending

VS the Denim & Diamonds, November 4, 1999

Report pending

VS the Witty Wonders, November 3, 1999

We got off to a really slow start tonight with a lot of server problems for both teams! But we had a great time bouting with the Witty Wonders (or Witty Winos as one of their players referred to them LOL) as usual. The first game went to the WW's with a score of 123-108. Kiddo (29) and Can (25) fought a great battle, but WW*FSC made an outstanding acro in the last round gaining 15 points to total 44 going into FO. WTG FSC!

The second game started out slowly for the WC's but really got rolling later in the game! Back(33) and Froggie (24) went to FO winning the game 110-86 WC's!!! WTG Back & Froggie!

I guess it just took us a while to warm up, because the 3rd game was ALL WC!!! Four out of seven players were in the 20's!!! Kiddo led us with 32 points,Back (28), Can (23), and Del (22) followed closely behind. At least three WC's were in the top positions throughout this one! Kiddo & Back tied in the FO giving us a 122-83 point VICTORY!!!

Lots of happy chatter during this one... Players included: Back (C), Kiddo, Can, Squid, NJ, and Froggie.... oh yes and me (Delilah) results...

Can't wait til next time WW's!!


VS the C'9's, November 2, 1999

Full Adult fun.... I gotta say WC's.. I didn't know we had it in us, but was very pleased with the outcome. (even if we didn't win.. hehehe)

First game saw W~Teas~C and the C9's going to the face off with a final score of 105 - 97 in favor of the C9's

Game number 2 it was Beanie & the C'9's going to face of with a final score of 114 - 104 C9's

As you can see.. we held our own and had some very high scoring players... WTG All!

Players: Jo, Kimba, drawbacK, Peachy, Teas, Squid & Beanie who cam in to fill Lin's spot (who couldn't get connected to acro... grrrrrrr.. hate it when that happens)

VS the Serial Killers, November 1, 1999

Well guys, what can I say? We were totally outclassed by this terrific team, or should I say annihilated? 2 games and 45 minutes is all it took! First game was dominated by MyLuck who went into face off against teammate Bunny. Bunny took the face off 15-11. Final score for this round was 101-31

Second game the SK's weren't suite so dominant (we won a few rounds) but this time Escarole went into the face-off against teammate TristaLyne. Escarole took this face off 18-7. FInal score this time was 93-41 So as you see WC"s were slaughtered. Oh well, a good tie was had by all!!

PLaying for WC's were: Delilah (capt), Need, Squid, drawkcaB, Ever and Me (Tigg) and the SK's were Escarole, MakinWaves, Phantom, Ktydidnt, Bunny, MyLuck and Trisatlyn

Here endeth my first game write up, hope it suffices Tigg