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August Results Page

VS the Cancunnites, August 31, 1999

Playing in this game for the WC was Morfun, Patches,Taratori, Britmiss, Delilah, Chunks and me Blu.

First game was total WC all the way to face off... With Delilah and chunks getting there.. it was such a sure we I even forgot to add the scores.. Chunks won this face off.

Second game was all Cancunnites all the way to face off.. kind of a payback for round one LOL....

Game three.. I am getting used to the notion of us going to game three in each of our tourneys... This was a very very interesting game.. Delilah took us to face off.. the score going into face off was 93-93.. it came down to the faceoff.. well, they won.. but not without a damn hard fight from Delilah.. She was awesome as usual!! Goooooooooo Delilah...

This was a great game, and one fun team.. even if they are mean and steal robes and slapped me around.. geeze..we will be playing them on Sept 15 get your bids in early for seats.


VS the Acrobats, August 28, 1999

Another three game match with the WC's coming out the winners. Very grood acros from both teams in this one with the Bat's winning the 1st game in a landslide and the WC's pulling out to take the next 2. (Face off scoring game)

Players for the game were W~Delilah~C, W~Fly~C, W~Tigg~C W~JEMXIV~C W~Froggie~C, W~Okie~C, W~Blu~C, W~Peachy~C

VS the Serial Killers, August 27, 1999

well guys what can I say.....we lost but we are still great..we have to get use to them nasty ole Bot topics....we all had a boring time with them I know but hey.we are great, we can do it!!

playing for the WC's... W~Fly~C W~Peachy~C W~Mrmoon~C W~Britmiss~C W~Temptrss~C W~Delilah~C W~MorFun~C We have a rematch this week...lets show them that they cant do this to us


VS the 30rUs Gang, August 25, 1999

This was a very fun game. Everyone always has a blast playing this team. This time was no exception. The first game of the tourney went to the 30's.. Second to the WC and then the final one to the 30's.. the scoring in this game was OUTSTANDING.. everyone was in double digits it seems.. Taratori and Chunks took us to face off's and even won... but because it was a cumulative scoring game it wasn't enough.. Oh well.. we will get them next time guys... YOU were all outstanding and deserve a pat on the back... WTG team!!!!

Playing for the winner's choice team tonight JEMXIV, Delilah, Chunks, Guyute, Britmiss, Taratori, and me Blu.

VS Studio 54, August 24, 1999

This is a newly formed team and getting the team together was a tad time consuming, but they proved to be a fun bunch and almost beat us first game (we won by 1 point) despite being very shorthand. Game two fell more into rythm and went much better. End results? Winners Choice 2 wins, Studio54 great showing.

Playing were Chunks, Fly, Peachy, Morfun, Guyute, Jemxiv, Delilaha

VS The Couch Rules August 23, 1999

Acro servers down... game cancelled

VS The Insomniac's August 20, 1999

After 3 rounds, once We were victorious...woohoo Well it was a confusing, we had Insomniacs, Dream weavers, and a but we out did them guys are one great team ((((HUGS ))))

Playing for the WC's was.. W~Guyute~C W~Chunks~C W~Britmiss~C W~Fly~C W~Peachy~C (thanks) W~Patches~C W~MorFun~C..

VS The Witty Wonders's August 19, 1999

Great games all.  Another 3 game match that had us almost posting the big win against the tough, fun team.  First game (the warmup) we got tromped properly. 2nd game it was the WC's turn to shine and we whooped em right back.  3rd game was SO close but even with the face off win we came up JUST short of the win. Awesome game.

Playing for the WC's were: W~NJDom~C, W~Fly~C, W~Guyute~C, W~Morfun~C, W~Delilah~C, W~Kimmerz~C, W~BchBuni~C


VS The C9's August 17, 1999

Well Gang... it was a fun night taken to the adult side to pit our skills against the regular pervs. I must say that we did have a good time and despite the loss had a very good showing.

Playing for the WC's were: W~The Goat~C W~Blu~C(part of the game) Morfun (part of the game) W~Fly~C W~JEMXIV~C, W~TaraTori~C W~BritMiss~C W~BchBuni~C

WTG all... Fly

VS The 30's Gang August 16, 1999

Playing for the WC was Cblu, SxyChimp, Temptress, Chunks, JEMXIV, Juliet, and me (BchBuni)

Well Folks hate to say it but we lost this game :-(  The team in all played great with Chunks And Temptress really showing off their great did the rest of the team..We may of won but had a lot of technical difficulties..we lost half of our team in the 2nd game due to boots...I believe we would of had them on the second round if it wasnt for that..BUT...we will get them the next time...because remember.."we are the champions" and we WILL keep on fighting till the end.

Thanks goes out to everyone that played we had a great time even though we lost!  We luv ya all!


Vs. Damage Inc., August 10, 1999

Well guys we lost but we had a very good time, the Damage team is always good for some excellant It was a very good game in the first round with Fly taking us to the face off and winning..the second round was very close, with the Damage taking only one point though i may add..very close...the third round was just as good but the Damage took the win..

Playing for the WC's was... W~BchBuni~C W~Chunks~C W~NJDom~C W~Peachy~C W~Fly~C W~MorFun~C and a special appearance from a great acroer...KIWI MOM....thanks so much Kiwi {{{HUGS}}}


Vs. 2nd Spring, August 9, 1999

Playing for the WC: Blu, BchBuni, JEMXIV, SxyChimp, Allyson, Mr Moon, and The Goat

Well, Blu said we'd have their butts in the rematch and we sure didn't want to make a liar out of we beat their patooties all over the board. Blu stormed the first game and didn't look back, winning the round and the face off...the next match was just as sweet, as the WC's took the bout in two straight. Everyone contributed to this beautiful assault and we all had a blast. WTG WC's!!!!!!!!!!!


Vs. Coffee Shop 2 Crew, August 8, 1999

Great game all... another 3 game spree, with the (_)'s taking game one by a small margin, the WC's cleaning clock in game 2 (with Chimps doing a 9 vote acro), and then another close win in game 3 for the WC's.

Players:  TaraTori, The Goat, SxyChimp, Darque, Britmiss, Peachy, Fly

Thks all W~Fly~C 

Vs. Denim & Diamonds, August 7, 1999

This was a great fun game.  Game one was very close with the DD's score at 108 to 100 heading into the face off. (both their players).  We won the next 2 (thus the tournament) with 2 WC's making it to face off in both games 2 & 3.  Great job to all that played.  It was alot of fun.

Players:  Juliet, TheGoat, BchBuni, Patches, Chunks, Peachy, Fly


Vs. Phoenix, August 5, 1999

We had a good game, TaraTori you were awesome {{{HUGS}}}...Even though we lost we had fun and thats the name of the game,the effort put out from this team was great..I luv ya's..

playing for the team was.....  Mrmoon,NJDom,TaraTori,SxyChimp,BchBuni, MorFun, guys are the greatest..


Vs. Witty Wonders, August 4, 1999

Playing for the WC: Fly, Morfun, The Goat, Temptrss, MonkeyChunks, Peachy, and Me(blu). What can I say.. this is a fun team to play.. and they are pretty intelligent.

We tried :)) The first game was really really really onesided. The second game of the tourney was really really really close.  Sorry to say there was no third. Thanks you guys YOU were all wonderful as per normal!!!!! Goooo WC!


Vs. 2nd Spring, August 3, 1999

Playing for the WC was me(Blu), BritMiss, BchBuni, SxyChimp, The Goat, NJDominican, and JEMXIV.

I hate doing these kinds of results but the Winners Choice lost both games to the Springers. We did have a great time though.. there was lots of joking and laughter since we all know each other from the couch... YOU did good guys.. I am proud of you.. the next time we play them we will kick butt :)


VS.30'sRusGang, August 2, 1999

Playing for the WC was myself (Blu) Taratori, Britmiss, JEMXIV, The Goat, Temptrss,and NJDominican....

This was a very fun game.. filled with lots of joking and laughing. WE had a blast.. we lost both games but can't wait to play this team again... WTG  WC... you should be proud of yourselves... I am very much proud of you :)