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Make your BEST acro...

using the TOPIC: "Resolutions kept or not kept"
Following the WORD: "PROMISES"
as submitted our last winner Indiana(tm))

If your entry has not appeared after 24 hours, Please email us

** Two Acro's allowed per entrant!**

  1. Previous resolution's obviously mistake. I still enjoy smoking.  
  2. Promising reduced overeating. My inches should eventually shrink.
  3. Pack's rapidly opened.  Marlboro indulgence sabotaged established schedule.  
  4. Puffed Raleighs on Monday, indicating severe emotional setback  
  5. Phenomenal promises, obviously meant... insufficient successes evidently "spent"
  6. Probable romance, OUT! Menopause is sufficiently exasperating.... SHOUT!  
  7. Promised resolutions only manifest if seconds elapse smokelessly  
  8. People resume old mannerisms if suddenly, enlightenment strikes!  
  9. Pound reduction on my inside stairs, eventually "skinny".  
  10. Praying regularly: "Oh Master, I've sinned", eloquent speech.  
  11. Paunch reduction's obviously mine.  I should exercise someday.  
  12. Phooey right on mine.  I stopped excessive swearing.  
  13. Promised reduce online misschieving. I said: "Enough Surfing!"  
  14. Patootie ridiculously overweight. Must imply sever exercising soon.  
  15. Pledge: REDUCE or may I suffer eternal somnambulism!  
  16. Potential resolutions offer mainly inane solutions exhibiting sincerity.  
  17. Predetermination regularly opens many insecurities since everyone softens.  
  18. Patches required on my inside shoulder, ex smoker  
  19. Pounds removed off my inseams. Saddlebags eventually slimmed.  
  20. Promised Rover "outside" more. Instead, sitting, eyeing stations.  
  21. Partner ratted on my infidelity.  She expected saintliness.  
  22. Procrastinators resolve on May.  I seize every second.  
  23. Pretty Remorseful On My Incentives, Slacking Everyday.. Sorry!  
  24. Please Regard Only My Ideals, Some Excuses Sad!  
  25. Permanently resisting overpriced Marlboros. Sincerely enough smoking!  
  26. Personally relying on myself, independance, self esteem, serenity.  
  27. Prominent roundness: obesity's manageable! I'm secretly exercising strenuously!  
  28. Prefer remarkable organization: maybe immaculate, sanitary, endless serenity.  
  29. Predicted resolutions often meant. Individuals sincere, experiences stressful.  
  30. Promised resolutions over millennium? Instituted saturday, ended sunday.  
  31. Posteriors rotund, offensively mammoth.  I'll stop eating SNICKERS!  
  32. Promise really obstinately made: "I'll start exercising soon!"  
  33. Promised rehabilitation... often mistaken in sobriety... everyday slurring!  
  34. Pounds remain... obesity mostly insidiously "stuck"!  Exercise stricken!
  35. Payment really over mail! I supposes easy... sometimes!
  36. Pleasing resolution: Only me is stupid! Endless stupidity!!
  37. Pointless resolutions often make interesting subjects, exagerating success!
  38. Pounds rolling off, many inches shaved, especially sexy!
  39. Pounds Require Omitting, Munching Is Sinful, Eating Salads.
  40. Proboscis Reduced?  Obviously May Insist Surgery.... Eeeek sutures!
  41. Peace returning... Obliterating my insecurities, Escaping stress!
  42. Probably repenting offenses. Maybe I'll start expanding successes.
  43. Papa's resolution! Order more iron supplements, escape senility!
  44. Perfect resolution! Organize my intake, Start eating salads
  45. Prior resolutions overwith! Mistakenly insisted: "Start exercising, seriously!"
  46. Promptly remove obesity... Many inclined situps exercise stomach!
  47. Pay raise or my instructor suffers excruciating stares!
  48. Planning removal of my ignorant spouse! Eventually shoot!
  49. Planning romantic outing, marrying in September, enjoying sobriety.
  50. Pornography reading's ousted. Miserably, I shout, "Enough stroking!"
  51. Proposal... Romance or marriage? I select eternal spouse!
  52. Prohibit reefer?  Often marijuana is soothing... enjoy smoking!
  53. Promise ring on maiden.  I'm seeking engagement, soon!
  54. Promised really old maid in sanitarium, escape soon!
  55. Prepared! Resolution:  Omit memorable interests.... stop eating, smoking!
  56. Promised, ordered really mates insistant sweets eaten, stopped!
  57. Proposed resolution, obviously made it, smokes exhaled, stopped!
  58. Personal resolution of millennium is simply eat sensibly.
  59. Powerful resolution of mine is spend earnings smartly.
  60. Pound reduction. Only McDonald's is setback, excellent shakes
  61. Promise receiving one million. I started entering sweepstakes!
  62. Pound reduction? Oh, maybe I should entertain Simmons.
  63. Procrastinated renovating our mansion.  I'm selecting everything simpler
  64. Physique resembles old man's. I should exercise soon!
  65. Promised Reverend our monetary investment, spurring economic shortage!
  66. Partner ratted on my infidelity.  She expected saintliness.
  67. Procrastinators resolve on May.  I seize every second.
  68. Poundage removal's on my itinerary.  Stop eating sweets!
  69. President's resolution?  Only male interns... shouldn't employ sweethearts.
  70. Procrastination's Really Outrageous! Maybe I'll Start... Early Spring
  71. Procrastinator Resolves Often, Might I start EARLY sometime?
  72. Pneumonia? Really? Omitting Marlboros.  I've sanely ended smoking!
  73. Portly rump!  Overeating made it stretch, excercising surely!
  74. Pregnant!  Regular ovulation miscalculated --  I stopped expecting sex.
  75. 'Pilates' regularly; overweight mom is still exercising, sweating!
  76. Permanently reduced obesity. My inspiration? 'Simmons' excercise system!
  77. Probably renege omitting Marlboros, I've smoked everyday since!
  78. Performing resolutions only means I should exercise
  79. Pooh rode ornery mule incessantly screaming, "Eyeore!"
  80. Problem reoccuring.......our most intimate, serious expectations subsided!
  81. Promising's really often mislead!  I shouldn't exaggerate sometimes!
  82. Practice regularly: Open mind is something everyone salutes!
  83. Proverbial rerun: On Monday I'll stop exhaling smoke!
  84. Promises: regularly overeat... Marlboro's inhaled... stop exercising!   Successful!
  85. Pledge religiously on my immortal soul "End smoking".
  86. Past resolutions overridden. My intentions sorrily exceded self-control.
  87. Pointless really! Owed money? I seldom ever see!
  88. Pleading's required, offering my increased sincerity escapes situation.
  89. Promising results often make it successful... everyone's surprised!
  90. "Patch" required, often!  Means I'm smoke-free... Emphyzema's suppressed!
  91. Problematic resolutions of many insincere some extremely sincere
  92. Peoples resolutions often miss in some extremely sucessful
  93. people rarily obtain, most insist, some expect surrender
  94. Picked resolution (obviously my icky smoking)... Ex smoker!
  95. Promised resolution... only my innocent spouse eats sweets!.
  96. Promise rejected, often munching intensly, still expanding stomach!
  97. Personal resolution: Outline's massive, instead, start exercising soon!
  98. Promises, regretfuly often missed, im surely expecting some!
  99. Promises, rarely often make, im surely exhausted sometimes!
  100. Past Resolutions Overly Mistaken.  I Still Enjoy Snacking.
  101. Promising Resolutions On Millenium.  I Sense Eating, Smoking...
  102. Please remember our most intimate swearing's eternally submitted.
  103. Prominent rear obviously means I should eat salad!
  104. Puffing reefer on Mondays is sinfully enticing... Stop?!?!
  105. Promised reduction of my intake, seeking elusive slimness.
  106. Past resolutions obviously made irresponcibly seem extremely silly