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How long have you been playing acro? 6 months or so

How did you find out about Winners Choice? Delilah first, the CBlu, and many others from Couch

Who on the team do you know? Over half of them (us!)

When is the best time for you to play in a tourney? Anytime I'm online (I'm an addict)

Where do you usually play?   I am definitely addicted to Couch, although there have been (rare) times I have been sighted elsewhere!

Do you mind playing in an adult tourney with adult language? Or do you want it squeaky clean all the time? Or is innuendo ok? Mid level innuendos (but not gross)

**********personal stuff*************

How old are you? much older than I look, and not nearly as old as I feel!

Where are you from?  Canada (brrrr!)

Are you married? Children?   Yes,, Yes

Are you a catperson or a dogperson?  I love cats, but my cat doesn't like me. I also have a dog.

How would you describe yourself?  I am very much a people person. I love Acro for the chat, but I can't stand not doing SOMETHING. (That's where the game comes in handy!) 

What is your favorite movie of all time? Babe! I also have a pig collection.

What is your greatest achievement?  Parenting a child with ADHD. (It is going tobe my greatest achievement someday, anyway, I hope!)  

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Right here in scenic Nova Scotia! 

Whom do you most admire? My hubby of 14 1/2 years! He puts up with me and all my shortcomings