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How long have you been playing acro? About 4 months

How did you find out about Winners Choice? from Cindy Lou Who, who told me how to apply for a team, felt obligated to join Winner's Choice

Who on the team do you know? nobody, I'm a loner, actually can't think of any

When is the best time for you to play in a tourney? between 4:00 pm- 7:00 pm on weekdays, times vary on Weekends

Where do you usually play? My normal room is the couch

Do you mind playing in an adult tourney with adult language? Or do you want it squeaky clean all the time? Or is innuendo ok? I'll play all the way up to total nastyness, because I suck at it

**********personal stuff*************

How old are you? 14, alert the press, a teens who loves Couch Rules,

Where are you from?  Uranus

Are you married? Children?  no,, I'm a kid, how can I have children, but therewas that 1 time in Mississippi....

Are you a catperson or a dogperson?  Catperson, I'm too lazy to have a dog

How would you describe yourself?  in glowing terms

What do you do for fun when you aren't playing acro? not playing acro isn't fun, but I do play a LOT of Video Games

What is your favorite movie of all time? Bulworth, not only for curses, but for the political humor too

What is your greatest achievement?  saving a family of 7 from a burning building j/k

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Greece, really into mythology & like the climate

Whom do you most admire? Bill Gates ::starts humming money::