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How long have you been playing acro? about 8 months

How did you find out about Winners Choice? from CBlu

Who on the team do you know? Practically everyone 8o)

When is the best time for you to play in a tourney? Day games or late at night (after 10PM)

Where do you usually play? I usually play in the Couch or Dome rooms. However I also enjoy (on occasion) 40's, CS2, and the Backyard.

Do you mind playing in an adult tourney with adult language? Or do you want it squeaky clean all the time? Or is innuendo ok? mild innuendo

**********personal stuff*************

How old are you? 42.... b-day 10/23

Where are you from?   Originally WVa now live in FL

Are you married? Children?  Yes,, yes 3 daughters.. 5 grandkids (so far)

Are you a catperson or a dogperson?  Both... I have a cute Cocker pup named Dixie and a big white cat named Fluffy

How would you describe yourself?  too young to be old... too old to be young... but young at heart

What do you do when your not playing acro? Read a lot (I love Stephen King & others his style)Also a big fan of the "Left Behind" series (if you haven't read them you should)

What is your favorite movie of all time? The Goonies

What is your greatest achievement?  Surviving years of drug abuse and remaining relatively sane

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Anywhere my hubby is... he is my heart!

Whom do you most admire? My youngest daughter, Talena. Her witness led me to accept Christ.