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"Ya.. Drop the Chalupa!!"

How long have you been playing acro? over 4 years, before Acrophobia when acro could be found on the chat networks like the "undernet" or "Dalnet"... (where it still is in a much more primitive form)

How did you find out about Winners Choice? I've been here since the beginning of the WC's, being asked by a couple of players from another team to come and help them set up a new team.

Who on the team do you know? I don't now anyone... I'm a hermit

When is the best time for you to play in a tourney? Almost anytime you will find me online and I tend to push aside other things when acro requires my attention... hehehehe

Do you mind playing in an adult tourney with adult language? Or do you want it squeaky clean all the time? Or is innuendo ok? I like the challenge of all styles of acro

**********personal stuff*************

How old are you? 140

Where are you from?  Currently PA.. originally Canada

Are you married? Children?  no,, 2 daughters

Are you a catperson or a dogperson?  Catperson.. Dogs are stupid and fart too much

How would you describe yourself?  I wouldn't really. Others do a WAY better job of making me look like something I'm not! 

What is your favorite movie of all time? Romeo and Juliet (old one), Ghost, Always (with John goodman) and Titanic

What is your greatest achievement?  I have no great achievements.. but thanks for asking  

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Someplace without politics or stress  

Whom do you most admire? I'll pass on this one